Terms and conditions

1. Basics

These General Terms and Conditions (GTC) govern the legal relationship between the guest/customer, hereinafter referred to as the guest, and the Soul and Kitchen Saas-Fee GmbH as the operator of the Hotel Marmotte Saas-Fee, hereinafter referred to as the hotel. For simplicity, these terms and conditions always refer to a contract, regardless of the specific service in question.
Only the hotel's terms and conditions valid at the time of contract conclusion apply. The general terms and conditions of the guest only apply if this has been expressly and in writing agreed before signing the contract.
If individual provisions of these GTC are ineffective or invalid, this does not affect the validity of the contract and the remaining provisions of the GTC. Otherwise, the legal provisions apply.


2. Jurisdiction / Applicable Law

For any disputes arising from this contract, Visp, Valais is the jurisdiction, unless there is another legally mandatory jurisdiction.
Swiss law exclusively governs all contract, reservation, any additional agreements, and general conditions. The place of performance and payment is the location of the hotel.


3. Definitions

Groups: In the sense of these GTC, groups are travel groups with a minimum of 10 booked persons.
Written confirmations: Email messages or written correspondence by post are considered written confirmations.
Contractual parties are the guest and the hotel.


4. Subject Matter of the Contract / Scope

The contract for renting rooms, areas, and obtaining other deliveries and services is established with the written confirmation of the guest or implicitly. A reservation made on the day of arrival becomes binding at the moment the hotel accepts it.
Changes to the contract become binding for the hotel only through a (written) reconfirmation. Unilateral changes or additions to the contract by the guest are ineffective. The subletting and further renting of the provided rooms, as well as their use for purposes other than accommodation, require the hotel's prior written consent.


5. Scope of Services

The scope of the contract is determined by the guest's individually made and confirmed reservation. The guest has no claim to a specific room, barring other contractual agreements.
Should there be no rooms available at the hotel despite a confirmed reservation, the hotel must inform the guest in time and offer equivalent replacement in a geographically nearby hotel of comparable or higher category. Any additional expenses for the replacement accommodation are borne by the hotel. If the guest rejects the replacement room, the hotel must promptly refund any services already provided by the guest (e.g., deposits). Further claims by the guest do not exist.


6. Prices / Obligation to Pay

The prices communicated by the hotel are in Swiss Francs (CHF) and include the statutory value-added tax. The guest is obliged to pay the agreed or applicable prices of the hotel for the room allocation and the additional services used by him. This also applies to orders from his companions and visitors. An increase in statutory levies after the conclusion of the contract is at the expense of the guest. Price indications in foreign currencies are indicative values and will be charged at the respective daily rate. The prices confirmed by the hotel are always valid.
The hotel may change the prices if the guest subsequently causes changes in the number of booked rooms, the hotel's service, or the duration of the guests' stay.
In case of late payment or provision of the credit card guarantee, the hotel can immediately withdraw from the contract (including all service promises) without reminder and demand the cancellation costs listed under clause 10 of these GTC. The hotel reserves the right to invoice or interim invoice its services to the guest at any time.
The final invoice includes the agreed price plus any additional amounts resulting from additional services of the hotel for the guest and/or the accompanying persons. The final invoice is – barring other agreements – to be paid at the latest during check-out on the day of departure in Swiss Francs in cash or by accepted credit card.


7. Cancellation of the Reservation / Cancellation Fees

a) Cancellation
A cancellation of the reservation requires the written consent of the hotel. If this is not granted, the agreed price must still be paid, even if the guest does not use contractual services. In case of a no-show by the guest, 100% of the booked services will be invoiced.
The time of receipt of the written cancellation by the guest at the hotel is decisive for the calculation of the cancellation fee. This applies to letters as well as fax and email messages.
b) Cancellation Fees:

Cancellations until 10 am on the day of arrival are free of charge. After that, we charge 100% of the room price of the entire and planned stay.
Exceptions are agreed in writing with the guest for high season times.

8. Impossible Arrival

If the guest cannot arrive on time or at all due to force majeure (floods, avalanches, earthquakes, etc.), they are not obliged to pay the agreed fee for the missed days. The guest must prove the impossibility of arrival. However, the obligation to pay for the booked stay resumes from the moment it becomes possible to arrive.


9. Early Departure

If the guest departs early, the hotel is entitled to charge 100% of the total booked services. The hotel strives to allocate the unused services to others in case of early departure. If the hotel can provide the unused services to others within the agreed period, the guest's invoice amount is reduced by the amount these third parties pay for the cancelled service.


10. Stay / Keys / Security / Internet / Smoking

The hotel room is reserved exclusively for the registered guest. Transferring the room to a third party or the use by an additional person requires the written permission of the hotel.
Internet access is public. This service is free of charge for all guests. The guest bears responsibility for the use of the login. They are liable for misuse and illegal behaviour during internet use.
Smoking is permitted only in the outdoor area and on the balcony throughout the entire hotel.


11. Actions, Use and Liability

a) Hotel
The hotel limits its liability towards the guest within the legal possibilities for slight and moderate negligence and is only liable for intentional or grossly negligently caused damage. If there are disruptions or defects in the hotel's services, the hotel will strive to remedy these upon immediate notification by the guest. If the guest fails to notify the hotel of a defect in a timely manner, there is no claim for a reduction in the contractually agreed fee. The hotel is liable for the items brought in by guests in accordance with legal provisions, i.e., up to an amount of CHF 1,000. Items considered brought in are those that the guest stores in their hotel room and the designated safe.  The hotel is not liable for slight and moderate negligence. If valuables (jewelry, etc.), cash, or securities are not handed over to the hotel for safekeeping, the hotel's liability is waived within the legal possibilities. The hotel recommends that money and valuables are generally kept in the reception safe. If any potential damage is not reported to the hotel immediately after its discovery, the guest's claims are forfeited.
The hotel is not liable under any legal title for services it has only mediated for the guest. The hotel rejects any liability for theft and damage of material brought in by third parties.


12. Keeping of Animals

Animals may only be brought into the hotel with prior consent of the hotel and for a special fee. The guest who brings an animal to the hotel is obliged to keep or supervise this animal properly during their stay or to have it stored or supervised by suitable third parties at their own expense.
Animals are not allowed in the restaurant during breakfast. Animals can be brought to dinner upon request.


13. Lost and Found

Found items will be forwarded if there is clear ownership and knowledge of the residential/business address. The guest bears the cost and risk of forwarding.


14. Further Provisions

If the guest wishes for services not provided by the hotel itself, the hotel only acts as an intermediary. The legal limitation periods apply. To the extent that these can be modified, the guest's claims for damages have an absolute statute of limitations of 6 months after departure.
Advertisements in media (such as newspapers, radio, television, internet) referring to events at the hotel, with or without the use of the unchanged company logo, require prior written consent from the hotel.